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Business Plan Template

Below is a template for a Business Plan

Executive Summary

01 - Executive Summary

  • Company profile
  • Objectives
  • Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Philosophy
  • Aim
  • Slogan
  • Company Logo
  • Company Structure

02 - Required Funding

  • Business Description
  • Business Opportunity


03 - Valuation of Business

  • Principle
  • Valuation
  • Compliance

04 - Products and Services

  • Specifications of products/services
  • Selling proposition
  • Source of revenue/contractual revenue
  • Product life cycle
  • Potential and proposed new product developments
  • Export potential

05 - Industry Analysis

  • Summary of the industry
  • Value drivers and industry price structures
  • Historical growth rates
  • Trends and problems the industry is facing
  • Recent developments
  • Market segmentation
  • Industry ratios
  • Legal and regulatory environment
  • Economic outlook
  • Growth constraints
  • Growth opportunities
  • Cyclicality and seasonality
  • Specific risks

06 - Target Market Analysis

  • Geographic coverage
  • List of potential customers
  • Bargaining power of customers
  • Growth opportunities
  • Distribution channels

07 - Competitor Analysis

  • Market share
  • Barriers to entry
  • Substitute products
  • Marketing budget
  • Marketing strategy

08 - Supplier Analysis

  • Number of suppliers
  • Bargaining power of suppliers
  • Raw materials
  • Cost of imported vs local materials
  • Rand/Dollar exchange rate

09 - Operational Analysis

  • Production processes
  • Equipment required
  • Plant capacity
  • Production costs
  • Replacement requirements
  • Technology
  • Quality control
  • Raw materials

10 - Management and Human Resources

  • Management experience and qualifications
  • Number of employees
  • % BEE
  • Skills required
  • Training programs
  • Staff turnover

11 - Internal and External Risks

  • External Risk
  • Internal Risk

12 - Socio-Economic Benefits

  • Job creations
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Women participation
  • Skills transfer / training
  • Industrial growth and development
  • Number of households to benefit

13 - Financial/cash flow analysis - Annexure 1

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement monthly
  • Fixed Assets
  • Long term loan 2
  • Immortalization 2
  • Long term loan
  • Immortalization
  • Salaries
  • Production Schedule
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents
  • Vat Recon
  • Logistic Schedule

SECOB Projects - 2013

Section 1 – Annual report for The Germiston Business Linkage Centre, operating as part of SECOB

Annual report for 2013

Our vision is to be a dedicated focused hub of excellence, providing the highest quality of business advice, easily accessible and relevant market information, and to become the preferred supplier of business linkage services and job creation projects in Ekurhuleni.

Our primary mission is to develop local emerging contractors to become sustainable businesses that can compete in the market place and further create jobs and by doing so stimulate the growth of the local economy. In addition, our mission is to enable existing members of SECOB and other companies in Ekurhuleni to participate effectively in the process of enterprise development

Our core value is to treat all participants in the business linkage programme with respect, fairness and to handle any proprietary information shared with the Centre in the strictest confidence.

True to our goal we have succeeded in creating a positive environment that fosters local economic development through our involvement with the LED network, Development tribunal and the Developers' forum.

We have developed 8 local black entrepreneurs /contractors to become sustainable businesses that can compete in the market place through training them and taking them through a mentorship programme in business skills, tender procedures, cash flow management, and marketing, sales, and skills development.

We have assisted them in creating jobs by getting them to first comply with the tender requirements and to quote for smaller projects at Ekurhuleni, under R250 000.

We have also spoken to our members and are in the process of putting forward proposals to them on utilizing their enterprise development on the BBBEE scorecard, as well as corporate social development, which will enable them to achieve the points they need to improve their rating.

Enterprise development is according to us the key to poverty alleviation and the impact in the longer term change in the community as a whole and their lives will have ongoing beneficial consequences. We feel that although the majority of the jobless have low skill sets and education levels the situation can be turned around with the help of the private sector, as this will also reduce unemployment. We want to use this opportunity to elevate, empower and inspire. SECOB also emphasized the importance of local procurement to them to enable the trained Business Linkage members to offer them their services.

Secob Business linkage centre members are now in a position to support their own families and own/rent a house through their success in business.

Our main fundraising activities are:

  • A golf day from which the Business Linkage benefit
  • We are looking at training for our members at a much reduced rate. We train for exports, frontline staff, marketing, leadership, compliance with BEE and SME-related training.
  • A conference for small business

SECOB - What We Do For You!

Metro Tax

SECOB is opposing the Metro tax that was proposed at Mangaung on all businesses in the Metro areas i.e. Ekurhuleni, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Cape Town.

This tax is on top of the escalation of electricity and water and AARTO. These additional taxes will be on the turnover of locally-based business and will hit all business, but especially small-business and manufacturing. Additional taxes will place a severe burden on the high cost of doing business. All Metros are already receiving an allocation of the fuel levy and Vat exemption, exactly for that reason. Please support us. We constantly work on your behalf.


Please take note that Secob will host an urgent meeting on Property rates tax that you have already been paying for five years. The valuation roll opens in March for Ekurhuleni, please attend meeting where you will be able to check the correctness of the tax or if you are being overcharged, seeing that the Metro works on an aerial photo of your property, residential and business.

Ekurhuleni Metro meetings

SECOB has a regular meeting with Ekurhuleni Metro regarding service delivery issues.  Issues that are discussed:

  • Electricity and water problems seriously impacting on manufacturing.
  • Informal settlements and their impact on business.
  • Water pressure.
  • Post Office strikes, Billing problems and electricity cuts and increases.
  • Increase in Rezoning costs
  • Reasons for companies moving out of Ekurhuleni
  • Refuse removal and the Simmer landfill site.
  • Air Quality problems and emissions, especially in the Germiston East and West areas.
  • Roads carrying heavy traffic and their deterioration.
  • Linton-Jones Street, traffic calming methods, closed roads and traffic lights
  • Urban regeneration and all infrastructure problems
  • Informal traders and illegal dumping.

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